The Mind of A Looney Tune

Losing the concept of reality is a train straight to your own personal hell.

I find writing with music on really helps me. It’s easier the less words are said in the song. It’s like white noise when you are sleeping.


The night. It is dark. It is quick. It is repetitive. I am scared of the night. Scared is the wrong word. When I focus on night-time I get anxiety. I don’t really know why. I think it might be the fear of death? Darkness is eternal. That sounds much worse than I meant it. Just thinking about it, the ever-expanding universe has what billions of stars. They all come in to existence and are around for millions of years or longer. (Clearly I’m not too researched on this topic.) Always in the end they end up dying out and darkness envelopes the area. That’s pretty crazy. The mind is a beautiful thing. Those suns in a horrible poetic way represent our minds. Each person has the chance to shine so bright and they can provide so much to so many people but they always die in the end. I think the life that is inside people is a form of energy. Your soul. So energy never dies. We have to go somewhere when the lights turn off in our heads. This is a very sad topic. I don’t really like writing about it very much.



If people travel to mars and start a colony and most importantly live, then I think talks between the us and mars will be insane. If they are recognized as their own country there will be so few of them they will all most likely have a understanding of the inner workings of the colony. So if that’s the case when they talked to their loved ones about  what is happening couldnt it be considered treason? I know it won’t be because for a long time they will be apart of the earth’s society and we will be keeping them afloat and it will be a joint thing. It’s just that one day that could be a thing, comitting treason against the colony of mars or anywhere else not on earth. At some point in the future this will be looked at the same way we look at Rome and all their crazy inventions, the sea travel pre 1800’s. I know this is mostly rambling thoughts it’s just interesting.



Last crazy thought. What we do right now directly affects the future. It is interesting if you think about how it will impact it. The future is happening for them the same way the present is happening for us right now. The time stream is only one direction so I know it isn’t happening right now but one day it will be. That made significantly less sense on paper rather than my thoughts.

This was more of a blog. I guess this fits in with mostly unfinished. Because I’m still growing as a person.

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