The Lost Twin

Do some of the greatest combatants enter the arena willingly?

The hooded man known as Twin blade entered the front gates. No one had seen his face but the royal guard was hoping today was the day they would. He swore he would kill the king after his last strike when he killed the king’s brother. He closed the gate behind him and stood back faced to the guard. He took out his first sabre with his left hand, The Dragons Crown. The sword that once belonged to the prince was known as the deadliest sabre on the planet. He raised it for all the guard to see while he took out his other sabre, The Dragons Fang. The Dragons Crown’s brethren blade that went missing over 600 years ago. The Crown was long and heavy capable of breaking swords in any class. The Fang was short and light and extremely difficult to predict where the next strike was coming. The royal guards knew what was coming next. Twin Blade crossed his sabre’s and slowly turned around.

He pointed the at the king and whispered just loud enough for the two closes guards to hear him, “God please help me.”. The guard on his left struck first. He stabbed out with his spear. Twin Blade dodged to the side and saw the other guard start to swing his mace over his head. With dashing speed Twin Blade kicked the man in the chest while it was open. The second Guard took a tumble while Twin Blade turned around to see the first guard launch a volley of spear thrusts. He back stepped reading them one by one then struck out with Crown in the middle of the guards fourth thrust. It hit the guards


I didn’t finish writing this and I might come back one day, however I realized I made this specifically because I am bad at finishing my writing so it’s perfect for now.

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