Mistitled and Mishandled

The only thing high school taught me was how to get back up again. 

That’s a lie, I also learned fallacies.

Originally I wrote something here. I forgot to save it. Now it is likely lost forever.

So instead I will paste something I wrote probably two years ago. I have a Google Docs filled with a bunch of random stuff. This one is one of the few on there I actually like. It isn’t great but I am proud of it. It shows me how I started writing and that I have improved even though I havent really done anything with my writing. Enjoy.

“Wow it’s very dark. Where is everyone else? Hello is anyone their?”

This is strange. I get the feeling this has happened to me before though. It sure is moving a lot here, I wonder where i’m going? I feel like I should have remembered getting in here. Hopefully wherever I go it’s not as dark. Woah I stopped.

A thundery loud voice “THAT WILL BE A DOLLA FIFTY”.

I see the light! Woah who is that huge creature.

“hey get your hands off me”.

Thundery loud voice “THANKS”.

Where am I going?

“No don’t put me back in the dark please!”.

Whispering voice,

“Hey who are you?”.

“I’m Washington, who are you?”.

“We got another Washington!”

Many voices at once, “BOO! Where’s the Hamilton’s, Jackson’s, and Grant’s? Yeah they always have interesting stories about life on the inside.”

“Where are we right now i’m confused, why are we all here?”

“Were here because someone used you to get something else of more value to them.”

What?! What is as valuable as me!”

“Lots of thing are as valuable as you, pfft and trust me most things are much more valuable.”

Voice in the distance “Hey everybody were moving!” Roaring screams “YEAH!!”.

“Why is everyone so happy?” “It means one of us will get to go somewhere else and hopefully end up in a piggy bank or a regular bank and relax.”.

Piggy bank… I was in a piggy bank. “Hey I was in a piggy bank.”

“He was in a piggy bank everyone! How was it” “What’d you do?” “Was it nice?”

“Yeah I think i’m starting to remember. I would just lay there wai,

Thunderous loud voice “YEAH I GUESS I HAVE A DOLLA IN ‘ERE”

“Hey no put me down, I was trying to tell them about the piggy bank.”

. “Pick me”. “No put him down pick me.”. “I’ll do anything pick me.”.

Thunderous loud voice “THANK YOU KIND SIR, GOD BLESS YOU.”.

“Ugh, you reek.”. Jeez what does this guy think he’s doing? He’s holding me so tight. “Hey stop staring at me!”. Oh here we go again. Where is this thing gonna go? I wonder if he’ll take me back to a piggy bank? Maybe I’ll get to see a regular bank! Atleast I can look around and see where this guy is going. Oh this place is filled with a bunch of these creatures,  “Excuse me sir but is this a bank!”.

Thunderous loud voice “CAN I HAVE THE SMALL DRINK?” “THAT WILL BE .99$.”.

“Hey is this the bank?”.


.Oh I hope this is the bank.

“HERE IS YOUR CHANGE. THANK YOU HAVE A GO…” voice trails off. Woah this place is extra dark where am I.


Whispered yell below me “Hey keep it down!

“Oh sorry I just don’t know where I am, I was trying to get to the bank.”.

“Yeah we all are and if you’re lucky we can all get there.”.

“Oh great i’ve heard it’s great, i’m from a piggy bank.”.

“Oh yeah? Me too little boy or girl?”.

“Oh umm I don’t know, I can’t really remember.”.

“Oh yeah? That’s good. It means you were there for a long time. Me, I was from a little boy constantly taking us in and out so I never got to enjoy so much, but hey now I have a chance to go to the actual bank so it worked out.”.

“Wow I wonder how I was taken out of the piggy bank then?”.

“Probably an older sibling if there wasn’t a lot of movement.”.

“So how will we know if we will make it to the bank?”.

“Hey Jackson want to explain it!?”.

Voice from a few doors away “It would be my pleasure. Well I go from here to the bank well i’d say once a week. Every week they take everyone out, Washingtons, Lincolns, Hamiltons, Grants, everyone. They take us out count how many and the put us in this big metal thing almost like a low grade bank that can move. They transport us to the actual bank, where you will be handed over to a man or woman who puts you through an automatic counter.It tickles you all over and puts everyone tight in together all cozy like. They then store you away. I dont know what happens to Washingtons, Lincolns and Hamiltons, but us Jacksons, Grants and Franklins get to relax for days and sometimes weeks until we go back out here.”

“Wow so we get to go to the bank, it sounds amazing. I hope I get to relax for awhile.”

“Well today is your lucky day sir because today is the bank day.”

Woah how do you know all these things?” “I learned.” CHIIIING “Here it comes!” “Hey everyone be quiet! We want to get there don’t we!” Everyone stopped talking just complete silence.



There is a ton of mistakes and honestly it is a quite confusing read because I’m not great at writing dialogue but here I am significantly worse.

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