Defined by yourself

    Not all people are great, not all great people do great things.  There is a goddess who walks my mind. Never leaving but always staying just in sight as if to give me hope to catch up. When I chase her she moves at an equal speed, but im afraid the next time I stop chasing her she’ll be gone.

The whispers of the forest can only keep me entertained for so long. They tell me secrets of the folks living on the other side. If only I could see them. If only I could be with them. If only I could leave. I have tried oh so many times but Mr. Satyr won’t let me. Maybe a bribe will work this time. Finding something to bribe him with shouldn’t be that hard. “Oh Mr. Satyr!” I yell ” I want to talk.”

“What is it this time young lord” Replied Mr. Satyr

“I believe I have found something you need Mr. Satyr” I told him proudly

“And what could that be” He said as he rolled his eyes

“This magnificent one of a kind moss ball rolled up by yours truly.”

“Wow young lord you have outdone yourself this time. Please may I have it?”

“While yes you may Mr. Satyr but I need something in return.”

“Whatever could you want that you don’t possibly have young lord”

“I want to live down with those others. I hear all these people living there wonderful lives having a grand ol’ time. I need to take part in whatever they are doing. PLease Mr. Satyr let me go have fun with them.”

“This is a one time deal young lord, after this you get no more favors from me. I’ll send you down there for one mortal lifetime. Now the only catch is you won’t remember while you are down there and by the time you get back I might be gone. Are these terms acceptable?”

“Mr Satyr are you saying I won’t get to see you again if I go? That’s not what I wanted, you have kept me company all these years! Please Mr Satyr come with me!” I started to shed a tear.

“I can’t young lord, please live your life happily I’ll miss you as well.”

And just like that he snapped his fingers and he was gone. the trees started to disappear slowly, then the leaves, the sun, the sky, the grass. Everything started to turn black.

“No Mr Satyr I’m sorry I love you please come back!” My heart started to race. I couldn’t move anymore. My whole body start to feel an immense pressure. It didn’t quite hurt but it was unbearably uncomfortable. I could see Mr Satyr in my mind but he too was starting to fade. I could barely remember the sound of his voice now. There was nothing I could do I let out one last yell “I’m sorry!”.


“A tunnel opens for a thoughtless man in a thoughtless body. Knowing nothing of the old and not being able to predict the new.  Thoughts will eventually fill his head, none of me but they will still make him happy. Goodbye Young Lord I’ll be watching you.”

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